Pavilion Psychology 

offers a range of Assessment, Treatment and Consultation Services to Adults, Children and Organisations in  a range of convenient service locations. Further highly specialised assessment and treatment services are included below.


a range of diagnostic, ability and occupational health assessments and  treatments for adults who have difficulties in their personal, family or occupational life. Specialised assessments services can be offered as required.


Children and Adolescents

a range  of assessments and treatments for common developmental problems in childhood as well as more intensive interventions for adolescents who present severe challenges to themselves or others.



a variety of services from occupational health  and employee assistance work  to service design and outcomes


Highly Specialised Services



a specialised assessment and treatment service for all ages who suffer from simple or complex PTSD and live in the community or a range of service facilities.


a specialised CLINICAL OUTCOME package for treatment services involving database design, data collection and training