PSYMET – Outcomes

Demonstrating Positive Clinical Outcomes  

using a customisable and individually focused

Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting Service

for use by commissioners and providers for the benefit of clients

PSYMET can be combined with other Pavilion Psychology Clinical Services to provide a comprehensive system of care and monitoring for individuals, groups or units or it can be used to evaluate any existing therapeutic services within a particular organisation.

 Standard service:

  • Consultations with the agency
  • Setting up individualised data capture systems
  • Routine data collection
  • Onging data analysis
  • Regular reporting back

Optional additional services:

  • Customised or more frequent reports
  • Creating presentations of data
  • Meeting attendance to present data
  • Service evaluation
  • Service user, staff and purchaser surveys

Benefits for service commissioners, purchasers and providers:

  • Minimal time and resources spent on data collection
  • Regular consistent reporting back
  • Early identification of risk and treatment requirements
  • Evaluation of treatment effectiveness
  • Indentifying when positive clinical outcomes are achieved
  • An aid to decision making about future placements or services